Call for Papers – GSE UK Conference: Dear GSE member or supporter,

We are beginning the process to build the agenda for the next GSE UK Conference.  This event will be held on November 5th & 6th at Whittlebury Hall in Northamptonshire.  We intend to run at least 16 parallel streams (i.e. 160 sessions, 80 x 60 minute sessions and 80 x 45 minute sessions) that will feature all aspects of mainframe technology.

If you would like to present at one of these sessions please can you contact the person responsible for running the conference streams, as shown below, with a title and brief abstract of the presentation and a brief bio of the presenter:
• 101 – Hannah Clemo and David Lea
• CICS – Rob Stroud
• IMS – Dominic Jackson
• DB2 – Marcus Davage and Paul Ruane
• Enterprise Security – Jamie Pease
• Large Systems – Mark Wilson
• Network Management – Peter Redman
• zLinux – David Austin
• Storage Management – Pete Stevenson
• TWS – Anna Dawson and Dean Harrison
• Workload Automation – Anna Dawson and Dean Harrison
• ApplicationDevelopment – Keith Allen
• MQ – Melvyn Maltz
• zCapacity Management and Performance Analysis – Jon Olley and John Jackson
• Mainframe Skills & Learning – Ian Skellern
• New Technologies – Kevin Russell
• Software Asset Management (SAM) – Dave Kirk
The objectives of the Conference are to provide guidance and education. The GSE policies prohibit presentations that are focused on selling or promoting a product.  Instead, they should focus on technical issues. As an example, you could discuss a topical issue and how that issue can be resolved; you could describe enhancements to a product and how they can be exploited; other possible topics include explaining the mysteries of the mainframe to new technicians and students.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions for presentations at this year’s conference.